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Thank you for visiting my page. I am deeply appreciative and humbled to have received the honor of 2009 Radio Personality of the Year from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters. I thank my colleagues with whom I served at the time of receiving the award, Salem Media of Georgia GM Mike Moran, Salem Communications Regional VP Allen Power and WGKA Operations Manager Jeff Carter and extend my appreciation to GAB President Jere Pigue and Profs. Jim Owens and Dr Doug Walker at my alma mater, Asbury College

Prior to receiving this award, I voluntarily took up the baton as a Georgia General Assembly Resolution Media Ambassador for Our Republic Walk  and the All American Citizen Team Game Plan. The involvement of the Georgia Association of Broadcasters in this endeavor began with my esteemed predecessors, former GAB President Bill Sanders and WSB’s John Cone, WXIA’s Hal Suit, CNN’s Ted Turner in addition to the efforts of many others in the broadcast industry. Having received this 2009 honor from the GAB, I begin my life long commitment to serve any and all members of the GAB and National Association of Broadcasters in our on going industry wide dedication to protect all children in every community in which we operate by encouraging and unifying our audiences in their family journeys on Our Republic Walk through a Republic Teamwork Commitment as members of the All American Citizen Team. I stand ready to assist my peers in broadcast media in accomplishing these goals in response to the request of the Georgia General Assembly, one of the 13 originial colonies, who together set in motion the Republican Form of Government through our State and United States Constitutions, for the benefit of the whole. I remain yours in service.

Joel Aaron

Georgia General Assembly Resolution Media Ambassador

Republic Teamwork Commitment Signatory



Quote of the Week:

“Man cannot own anything but man can be owned by anything. The one who seeks to wholly control something will eventually be consumed by that which he seeks to consume.” - Joel Aaron

On the new horizon that is talk radio, Joel Aaron is the next big thing.      - Martha Zoller
                                                (Syndicated talk show host)