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Joel Aaron is a communicator for a new generation of news consumers. He works to  filter the news of the day with an eye to irony. As a four year voice on Atlanta-based WGKA radio, Joel started as creator and host of “The Hub Radio Show –America’s First Competition Talk Show”, where he was covered around the talk radio industry in Talkers Magazine, Radio and Records, Al Peterson’s NewsTalkSports Weekly and other publications and experienced fast ratings success. He continued in 2008 as creator and host of “Morning in Atlanta”, broadcasting local talk Monday through Friday with monologues, callers and guest interviews ranging from congressmen to Hollywood celebrities, senior fellows at Washington think tanks to best-selling authors and local news makers. He won two GABBY Awards, one for Radio Personality of the Year in GA and one for PSA Promo of the Year. As a part of MIA, he introduced the “Atlanta Townhall Panel - The Nation’s First Listener Supplied Morning Radio Team”. In 2009, Joel began hosting the mini-monologue program, “Sound Bytes –The Nation’s Shortest Talk Show”.

Joel has played an active role in encouraging civic literacy as founder of the “We The People REVOLUTION” and the “Next Step Training” seminar series. He has spoken at well over 200 venues for crowds from 50 to 50,000 as a requested speaker on current events, civics and culture.

In late 2009, Joel went independent of WGKA radio to begin working with Americans for Prosperity while continuing as a regular fill-in host for Cox Media  radio hosts. Joel served as Project Writer for “TEA PARTY: The Documentary Film”, the 912 March on Washington and has been event manager for numerous other media, corporate and community-wide festivals. He has written for paid campaigns featured on FOX News, CBS, MSNBC and ABC. In 2010, Joel launched “The Hub Internet Show” for a short run online.

Joel is on staff with Americans for Prosperity Georgia. He is involved in the promotional launch of Our Republic and the All American Citizen Team worldwide civic literacy initiative as a Georgia General Assembly Resolution Ambassador. The effort is responsible for launching a series of Constitution Day Festivals around the nation. He is also involved in the launch of a forthcoming social media platform.


Quote of the Week:

“Man cannot own anything but man can be owned by anything. The one who seeks to wholly control something will eventually be consumed by that which he seeks to consume.” - Joel Aaron

On the new horizon that is talk radio, Joel Aaron is the next big thing.      - Martha Zoller
                                                (Syndicated talk show host)